Ro-Ghoul Auto Farm


Creator: Unknown                                                                        Game: Ro Ghoul

Description: This Is a very OP Ro-Ghoul AutoFarm. Leave this on all night and you will have tons of RC. Read the rules in the script to find out how to server hop with the script. This makes your chances of being banned a lot lower. The best way to use this script to make sure you dont get banned is to autofarm in a private server so no players will kill you or report you.


Q: What is the best executor for running scripts?

A: Synapse X Is the best script executor.

Q: I don't have money to spend so what is the best free executor?

A: KRNL Is the best free executor although it has a key system to support the creators for their hard work.

Q: Where can i find good scripts for Roblox

A: You can find great scripts in Sir Memes website. It has tons of scripts and new added ones everyday.