Arsenal Aimbot Hub (Impulse Hub)

Game: Arsenal                                                                                                Creator: Hackerwolf150

Description: This is an Arsenal Aimbot hub that comes with many features such as Aimbot, Kill All, Knife All, Trigger Bot and more. The creator of this hub is hackerwolf150. This hub has been updated a lot recently so its safe to say that it wont be patched any time soon. This hub is also undetected so you wont get banned unless many people report you directly to the discord server. As always I recommend you use an alternative account if you want to stay safe.


Q: What is the best executor for running scripts?

A: Synapse X Is the best script executor.

Q: I don't have money to spend so what is the best free executor?

A: KRNL Is the best free executor although it has a key system to support the creators for their hard work.

Q: Where can i find good scripts for Roblox

A: You can find great scripts in Sir Memes website. It has tons of scripts and new added ones everyday.